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14 June 2010 @ 04:54 pm

1. What would you say is your guilty ship pleasure (besides your OTP)?
Don't have one....or maybe Tonks/Bill

2. If you won 10 million today, what would you do with it?
I would get my driver's license and a car, I would give my dad a Porsche 911, I would give my mother money to spend on a new wardrobe, I'd give my brother and his girlfriend a trip to wherever they want to go, then I would have dinner with all of my friends, and give them any gift they want... then I would buy a nice house (nothing ridiculously big, just a normal house) in my hometown... and... I'd also buy a normal house in the city where some of my friends live, and invite them to live with me.

3. What's your favorite HP book and why?
The order of the phoenix, because it goes deeper into my favourite characters

4. What has been your embarrassing moment in your life so far?
I don't know...... but I walk into people alot, and I ALWAYS spill a drink..... ALWAYS... so, those are the most embarassing moments in my life I guess :P and they almost happen daily, hahah... I usually pretend that I don't care...

5. Name your five favorite movies of all time
That's a hard one...

1-Dead Poets Society
2-Queen of the Damned
3-The Ciderhouse Rules
4-The Shipping News
5-Mansfield Park

6.    If you were an animagus, which animal would you prefere to be and which animal do you think you'll be?
I'd prefer to be a lion, because they are so strong and fierce.... but I think I'll be a cat

7.  If you could be anybody for one day who would it be?
I would be my best friend for one day, Patrick

8.  Which fanfiction has really stuck with you the most?
Marauders fanfiction...

9.  Out of all the famous books in the world, which one do you wish you had written?
Harry Potter of course

10.  Name five things you would love to do before you die.
-Get a tattoo
-Go sky-diving
-Have sex in a fitting room in a crowded fashion store
-Have sex in the water in a far and warm country..... under the stars as the night falls in...magical...and...hot
-I want to grow in my personality and in my thoughts of life and people in general

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13 June 2010 @ 12:20 pm

Hi guys,

So... I haven't been posting for half a year or so, so I have a lot to tell you. Where to start....?

First off.... I have a new haircut and I totally love it:

I also finally got my ears pierced! And I'm going to get my first tattoo this summer! It's going to be a pink lotusflower in between my shoulderblades.

But ok... back to the serious stuff.... I had a sucky internship at a very boring and stiff fashion store. I didn't fit in the team, and there were only two colleagues  I really liked. I had fights and arguments with my boss and I even tried to find another internship and told my teacher I wanted to leave. I couldn't find another internship so I had to push myself to finish it, but I did. And in the end, when I look back, I learned a lot. It definitely caused a big change in my attitude towards people..... I lost my arrogance because my talents weren't recognized at my internship, which was a big smack across the face for me, since I was used to hearing how talented and great and promising I was.... the people at my internship just didn't get it, and I had to obey..... something else that I couldn't do before. I gave them a hard time I guess, I provoked them a lot.

But.... my internship also brought me something else... something amazing..... there was one colleague I grew very close with, Enid, who's only 3 years older than me, and who had been the intern before me. She was great and fun and we became friends very quickly. It's one of those friendships where it feels like you've known each other for ten years you know? When I had three more weeks of internship to go, we had dinner together, and I went home with her on train to her hometown Coevorden to sleep over and go out. That night I met Patrick, who's my...... everything. We started out as a couple, and then he broke-up, and now, about three or four weeks later, we're basically best friends, but.. there's still more than that. We talk on the phone almost everyday, and I see him as much as possible. Friday is my birthday, which I'm celebrating in Coevorden (where he lives as well)... anyway.... it is a difficult situation, and I won't go into further details, because that only makes me worry. I'm just very glad that I have met such great, loving and accepting people, who care about me very much.

And.... besides that, I still have three weeks to go and then this year of school is finished! I have quite good grades, and we did our yearly fashion show a few weeks ago, take a look at my outfit:


That was my update :) how are you guys doing? xxx Becca
02 February 2010 @ 08:36 am

The first character I fell in love with:
Mm...probably George or Bill...

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
Draco... I thought I seriously hated him, but I was shocked an didn't want him to die when Harry used Sectumpsempra on him!

The character everyone else loves that I don't:
Cedric! I don't like him....

The character I love that everyone else hates:
I love Slughorn actually..and Regulus. Regulus might be loved though. I have a soft spot for Percy, because you just know that he isn't a traitor. Also... Fleur.. she's grown on me. I love her because she reminds me a little of myself, and she isn't that bad really. She's just extremely beautiful and fierce, also from the inside ;) I believe she deserves Bill, however that's hard to believe.

The character I used to love but don't any longer:
Pfew I don't know...... I grew less fond of Remus in Deathly Hallows, but then when he died....I was tearing up.... I love him. Deeply. I guess I still love everyone. ^^

The character I would shag anytime:
Merlin, I have to name them all? You got a minute? ;) Sirius, James, Remus, Nymphadora, Bill, Charlie, Fred&George, Regulus, Lucius, ummm....I have the feeling I've forgotten someone.... maybe I'll remember later ;)

The character I want to be like:
I want to be like Bill....he's so beautiful and strong and there's something about him that makes you trust him right away. He has your back and he has the heart of a lion. It's a pity we don't see more of him in the books.... I think he'd be a great Minister of Magic; just and loyal and brave.

The character I'd slap:
Umbridge! Filch, Snape (I'd actually HIT him), Dudley, Mr&Mrs Dursley, Kreacher, Ron (he needs to get a slap across the face now and then :P)

A pairing that I love:
Lily/James and Luna/Neville and Ron/Hermione
Two pairings that I hate:
Harry/Snape and Harry/Dumbledore...... how can anyone write these?!

Favourite character:
Pffffew..... Sirius, James, Nymphadora, Bill, Remus, Regulus, Fleur, Harry, Luna, Aberforth, Arthur, Ginny, Lily

My six favourite characters:
Sirius, Dora, James, Bill, Lily, Remus

My five least favourite characters: 
Umbridge, Snape (hate, pure hate), Filch, Bellatrix Lestrange, Fudge

Which character I am most like:
People tell me that I'm like Ginny.... very sweet, yet fierce and brave and very loyal. With tons of wit and brains and balls. Sums me up :P

My deep, dark fandom secret:
I like the fandom smut, and have written some myself.

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26 January 2010 @ 11:52 am

Hi peeps :) on June 2nd 2010, I'll walk my first Deltion College Fashion Show! This year's theme is African Experiment. Sadly it doesn't inspire me that much, but I wanted to show you what I designed:
 The skirt I hate, it's made of Tyfek material, material that is a hybrid between paper and fabric and it sucks. We painted our self-designed patterns on our Tyfek skirts. I designed a long skirt with two tigh-length vents (which you can't see unfortunately). Anyway, I really hate the skirt. The top I love, luckily! It's really sexy, and because I'm not satisfied with my skirt, my teacher allowed me to wear the top with something else. So... either I design a very short skirt, or I wear it with harem pants me thinks. I'll wear stilleto heels (silver) during the fashion show. Another assignment was to come up with the styling of your hair, make-up, shoes and accessoiries, so I designed a large canvas bag and leather brace(let)rs to go with it. As for make-up, I'm going all out :P It's going to be wild and sexy for sure. I'm thinking of a very high ponytail for the hair, because it looks hot with stilleto heels. But I'll let you know what the final styling will be :) What do you think of the top??? Love to hear your reactions! xxxxx becca

P.s; oh and by the way: I completed my final exam for english yesterday (which you normally complete in your fourth year!!!) with an 9,3 (A) for writing and reading and an 8,5 (B+) for speaking!!!!!!!! So I'm walking on clouds :P
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13 January 2010 @ 08:18 am

In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it!

Re-post this on your LJ if you know someone who has, had or has been affected bycancer.
93% WON'T even take the time to copy&paste this. Will you?

26 December 2009 @ 09:28 am

Hi :) so I wrote a new chapter for our joined Marauders story. It's not very long, but it is something :) it's your turn now, Kay ;)

Poppy-Whitney (H)......Olivia-Celeste (H)........Paisley-Becca (G)......Bridget-Kay (R)

I want to get away some place
But I don't want to stay too long
I want a brand new day
Trying to fit in where I don't belong
Hook....Hook me up
I want to feel the rain in my hair
Hook....Hook me up
Where should we go?
I don't even care
Anywhere is good enough
Hook me up
Hook me up

I like the lights turned out
The sound of closing doors
Not like other girls who always feel so sure
Of everything they are
Of what they're going to be
Sometimes I'm just a girl stuck inside of me
of me

hook me upCollapse )
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21 December 2009 @ 10:53 am
Hi peeps :) Not a very long message, just a picture basically. I made the green elf costumes, and I also played an elf as you can see. It was a great experience. And the costumes came out wonderfully.....they were worth all the time I spend on them.   From left to right: me, Melanie, Santa and Fred, Scrooge's cousin. (creep....he was really sticky and rubbing my back and giving me cheesy compliments...ugh...and then he asked me out! I was like....shit O.O and I said no, of course :P he's really creepy) Anyway! Tell me, what do you think of the costumes???
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10 November 2009 @ 07:56 am

Hi! :)

I've got great news! I got my first grades for this term, and they're all awesome!! :D I've got an 9,2 for Fashion English (A), an 8 for Grafic (A+) and an 8 for Fashion Orientation. :) And next thursday I have my first test for Detex, which is part of our Detex exam. I want to get an 8 for it at least....but we'll see :)

And I designed my first skirt. As a muse I used Akasha from The Vampire Chronicles. I always use a muse when I have to design "normal" clothes, because that works best for me. When I've finished the skirt, I'll post pictures! Our next garment to learn how to create, is a very simple blouse. We started working on a standard blouse pattern yesterday. It was pretty hard, but I understood quite a lot of it, because we've made a skirt already. Today, I believe, we're going to cut the fabric for the skirts I just talked about.

I also have a picture of a pilowcase I've sown a few weeks ago, and with which I'm not pleased at all. Anyway, here it is:


Oh yeah: we also got a new timetable, which is rather drastic! But we're going to manage to follow all the classes..... the only problem is that we're in college from 8:30 until 17:30 on thursday, which means that the people who live further away, are home far to late, and some people can't manage to be on their jobs on time! My job is quite close to campus, so I can manage to be there on time, but it sucks big time to be in college so long,  because after a day like that, you're really tired and you're hungry. The last thing you want to do then is work....but yeah..... that's life I guess. It means I'll have to buy some food at the campus, and then rush off to my work in 30 minutes! Ah well...I'm actually lucky to be able to make it to my work, lots of my classmates can't. But I can't say I'm to happy with the new timetable. My classmates want me to try to change the timetable, because I'm classpresident and all that. I'm not really looking forward to it or anything. It's my job to go talk about it with our mentor, which I'll do, but I've got to do so much already without having to arrange things like that. Anyway.... I'll talk about it with Else-Marie (our mentor and Fashion English teacher).

Next to all that, I'm looking for a good fashion store in my hometown for an internship. I'm excited for it...it'll be my first internship :) I''ve got my eye on a few nice stores, and I hope one of them will have me! Here are some pics:

 Noa Noa, an scandinavian label by origin. The clothes are expensive and dreamy, chique and sometimes a little odd.

 Solitude. Menswear with an alternative twist. They sell Kenzo, Drykorn, Paul Smith, Hans Ubbink and more. Too bad this picture is so bad :(

 Claudia Strater. You've probably heard of this label, if you haven't: shame on you :P haha, no I'm just kidding.

Aldino Moda is an Italian label with menswear only. The clothes are beautiful and expensive and this is the shop I'm definitely most intimidated by. Anyway, I'm just going to walk in and see for myself what the people are like :)

I've already been to Cabral, an atelier for bridal couture, but they didn't take any interns this year...
My internship starts in February by the way, and lasts for ten weeks.

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25 October 2009 @ 07:34 pm

Hello lovely people :)

Since I'm now a devoted Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles fan, and completely in love with character Lestat de Lioncourt, I decided to do a victorian/vampire insipred photoshoot :) Take a look as I'm cosplaying Rebecca de Lioncourt ;)



You like it? :) XXXX Becca

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12 October 2009 @ 09:14 pm

Picture time! I had archery today, check it out! :)

I love it! I'm not avery good archer (yet) but that's ok. I like doing it, and I like watching the others. My next campus sport is yoga, which I think is going to be alot of fun, because my friends Kimberley and Marieke, and Marieke's ex David are doing yoga too :)